Sunday, October 27, 2013

Soda Bottles

Have I ever mentioned how Isaac loves plastic soda bottles?  He likes water bottles, too, but they seem to be made from thinner plastic in many cases and don't last him quite as long, champion chewer that he is.  He loves the 16 ounce single-serving bottles and two liter bottles.  You'd think he had no toys whatsoever, the way he gets so excited over a soda bottle, chewing it and throwing it and catching it.  He adores them.

My neighbors think it's hilarious to watch him play with one.  Many of them have taken to saving their soda bottles for Isaac.  They leave their empty soda bottles in the hall outside my door sometimes.  When a new guy moved into the building, more than one neighbor informed him that he was supposed to save his soda bottles for Isaac.

It's a bit of a problem when Isaac spots one of my neighbors drinking a soda and wants the bottle before they are finished with their drink.  He seems to expect them to pour out their drink so he can have the bottle right away.  Of course, the fact that one of my neighbors actually did that a couple times probably encouraged him to expect that.

Isaac and I just came in from our before-bed potty outing and found three soda bottles outside the door.  I put two away for later and Isaac quickly chewed up the other.  Now he is lying on his blankie, snuggling it.

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