Wednesday, April 15, 2015

At the Library

Isaac continues to be a novelty at the library when I am tutoring there.  This week, when I went to use the restroom, a woman in there bent over to look more closely at him and then took a few steps after us, as if she was actually going to follow me into the stall.  I pretty much had to shut the door in her face.  How weird is that?

And when I was arranging my stuff on a table, a man that was tutoring a teenage kid at the nearest table (which was very close), started talking to the kid about my dog.  "That's a helper dog.  Or maybe it's a comfort dog.  It's some sort of service dog."

I was seriously considering turning to him and saying, "You know I can hear you, right?"

Then he started explaining to the kid, "You never, ever pet a service dog."

The kid asked, "Why?  Because it will bite?"

The man said, "No, it won't bite.  Because it's busy working."

Now, I have a really good explanation for kids that want to know why you shouldn't pet a service dog.  So I turned to them and said, "Because it distracts him when he is working.  Just like if I came over there and started petting you while you are trying to do your homework.  It would be hard to pay attention if I did that, wouldn't it?'

Kids always get that.  I've used the same explanation when telling employees of various businesses why they aren't supposed to pet service dogs.  "If I came over there and started petting you while you were trying to ring up my groceries, you'd have a hard time getting your job done, wouldn't you?"  I think they get it, too, but they often also look at me as if they are a bit worried I might hop over the counter and start molesting them.

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