Thursday, April 30, 2015

I Didn't Realize There Was a Dog!

Earlier today Isaac and I were at McDonald's, me working on my laptop and Isaac practicing his down stay.  It was pretty busy there and he was doing really well.  In fact, when we were ready to leave, he was sleeping so soundly under the table that I had to nudge him in the butt with my foot to wake him up!

So then he stood up and kind of shook himself off.  I don't like him doing that in restaurants.  I know it's a normal thing for a dog to do when they first get up but it's not a good thing to do in a restaurant because fur goes flying and not everyone is as comfortable with dog hair in their food as I am.  Sometimes I am able to put my hand on his side and stop him from doing it.  Then when we get outside, I tell him "Shake it off" and let him do it then.  Other times, I at least try to make sure he is not shaking right beside a table where someone else is eating.  Today, he was still under the table when he shook himself off, so it was a kind of half-shake because he didn't have much room.

And then he came out from under the table and this guy seated across from our table said, all surprised, "Wow!  I didn't even realize there was a dog there!"

And I love hearing that.  That means he was doing exactly what he was supposed to do.

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