Thursday, April 30, 2015

Swimming with Geese

You've heard of swimming with sharks?  Or swimming with dolphins?  The other day, Isaac swam with the geese at our local state park.

He had a blast.  I think the geese were playing with him.  First he would jump into the lake and swim toward one.  Then it would flap its wings hard and honk really loudly at him and he would turn around and swim the other way, as if intimidated by the goose.  Which was probably smart of him.  Those things can pinch. 

And Isaac is a big baby when it comes to things like that.  He was horribly offended and acted like he was mortally wounded when Mike's cat Indigo swatted him on the nose, and she didn't even use her claws.

Then he would swim towards another goose.  But the first goose would then swim towards him.  And when the second goose flapped and honked, Isaac would turn around and swim after another one.

He spent about an hour swimming with them.  Afterward, he was worn out.  He slept really well that night!

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