Sunday, April 19, 2015

No, I Don't Have Seizures

Today at the grocery store, I asked an employee a question.  After answering my question (sort of), he looked at Isaac, then looked back at me and asked, "So, do you have seizures?"

He was an older man and seemed very nice.  I feel certain he did not mean to be rude or intrusive.  But it is an intrusive question.  It's inappropriate and it is also a violation of the ADA to ask that.

I gave him my standard answer.  "I don't share personal information like that with people I don't know."

He apologized.  I really don't think he knew he shouldn't ask that.

But I was thinking maybe next time someone asks me something like that, maybe I'll say, "No, I don't have seizures, do you?"  Just for something different, you know.

I would have spoken to the manager before leaving the store, that's what I usually do, but I was running late.  So I will call the manager tomorrow.  Not to get the employee in trouble, but to suggest their employees need a bit of training in this regard, and to offer to send them some educational materials.  That's how I typically handle this sort of thing when it's an employee asking a question they aren't supposed to ask.

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