Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Why Is That Dog Here?

The other day I went to urgent care because I had a sore throat.  Turned out to be strep throat.  I suspected it was, which is why I went to urgent care when my regular doctor couldn't get me an appointment the same day.  Ended up learning I also had ear infections in both ears.

But anyway.  While I was sitting in the waiting room with Isaac napping on the floor beside my chair, a little boy about three or four asking his mom, "Mommy, why is that dog here?  Is the dog sick?"  It was really cute.

Mom explained to him that no, the dog was not sick, the lady was sick, and he was a helper dog and he helped the lady and that's why he was there.  It was a good explanation and I was happy she didn't tell him I was training the dog, which I often hear parents telling their kids.

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