Friday, April 10, 2015

Working Dog at the Library

I recently got a new tutoring job.  Tutoring math, no less.  Which I had said I was never going to do again.  Unless it was maybe first grade level math.

But the brother-in-law of the mom of the kid I tutored over the winter, the kid that was here from another state with his mom who was undergoing medical treatment at the university hospital near here, the kid I tutored in all his subjects for six weeks... that kid's uncle called me.  His son, the cousin of the kid I had had tutored over the winter, needed help in math.  And his sister-in-law had given him my number and told him that I was the best tutor ever and that he must call me.

So I agreed to work with his kid.  Who is in 7th grade.  And is learning geometry at the moment.  Like how to calculate the volume of some weird-shaped container.  I can calculate the area and perimeter of basic shapes.  But the volume of some weird-shaped container?  Ugh.  I don't know if this is better than algebra or not.

The kid does not like to write his work down.  He wants to solve these problems in his head.  Which he is no good at.  Which I pointed out to him.

But anyway.  Here is a picture of Isaac doing a lovely down stay at the library yesterday for about 90 minutes.  Because the dad decided to talk my ear off after the tutoring session was over.  I was very happy Isaac did so well.  He only got up once, while dad was talking and talking, and suggested perhaps dad should pet him while he talked.  But he lay back down when I told him to.
The kid I am tutoring is really good about ignoring Isaac.  I kind of wondered if he didn't like dogs but dad told me they have a dog at home.  I think he just knows he's not supposed to bother the working dog, plus he is pretty focused on his math.  Which is a good thing.

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