Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Body Memories

I think I've written before about body memories, more specifically about having the sensation of my arms being stapled like they were in the emergency room.  Body memories seem to be pretty common among people with PTSD.  I tried to do some research on how to deal with them but could not find much.  So I ended up writing an article on the subject. 

How to Deal with Body Memories When You Have PTSD


  1. I first learned of body memories and muscle memories when I was taking massage therapy classes. Maybe you could research some more from that angle. I have had clients who suddenly during a massage started crying or suddenly couldn't be touched due to PTSD. Most of them did come back for further massage therapy because they found that human touch helped them a bit in dealing with some of the issues. It does help to connect the body and mind together a bit.

    I had a tummy tuck after my WLS and now no longer have a belly button. I constantly have an itchy belly button and so badly want to get out the qtips and clean it. Of course I can't so I rub lotion on my tummy instead. It helps. If it's really bad then I rub mentholatum on the spot that I think itches. It seems to help somewhat.

    BTW, good article. Well written and easy to understand. Kudos.

    1. I think massage can be very therapeutic. It's definitely good to connect the mind and body.