Monday, December 23, 2013

I Love the Fact that Isaac Believes the World is a Good Place

Yesterday it was unseasonably warm, so I took Isaac to the park for a walk.  Neither of us has been getting enough exercise lately, due to the cold weather and my back problems.

At the park, this guy stopped to talk to Isaac and then he told me how he used to have a lab and that lab liked to jump up on people like Isaac sometimes does.  However, he said, he cured his dog of that.  When the dog would put her paws up on him, he would stop on her toes.  I guess he meant the dog put her front feet on him and he stepped on her back toes.  I don't see how he could step on her front toes if they were on his chest.  I mean, how does one step on one's own chest?  Unless one is very skilled at yoga or something.

I have no idea why he thought I needed advice about how to stop Isaac from jumping on people but he assured me repeatedly that his method would work.

When he walked on, I assured Isaac that no one would be stepping on his toes.  Isaac did not look at all concerned.  He cannot imagine someone stepping on his toes on purpose.  After all, he believes the world is a good place, full of good people, people that love him and want to be his friends.

As far as I know, there have been only two times in his life that someone was mean to him.  Unless you count giving him a bath or clipping his toenails as being mean.  I think Isaac might count those things as being mean.  But other than that, I can think of two mean things.

One was the time I used a spray bottle of water to squirt him in the face when he was barking excessively.  I did that on the advice of a dog trainer.  Isaac looked so shocked and offended and like his feelings were terribly hurt.  I felt so guilty.

The other mean thing was when Mike's cat Indigo swatted Isaac on the nose because he kept trying to sniff her and she did not wish to be sniffed.  Again Isaac was horrified and shocked.  He ran to me for comfort.  Actually, he came to me for comfort when I squirted him with the water, too.  That made me feel even more guilty.

Isaac is just certain everyone wants to be his friend.  He loves everyone and if he doesn't know someone, he is sure he will love them.  He greets strangers like long lost friends.  He firmly believes everyone wants to pet him.  He believes everyone will love him.

I wish I could be like that.  Well, I don't wish strangers wanted to pet me, but I wish I believed everyone at least liked me.

The park we went to was a new one for Isaac.  He'd never been there before.  And yet, he bounded out of the car as soon as I had his leash on him, full of enthusiasm for wherever we were going and whatever we were going to do.  He is sure whatever we do will be fun.  Good things will happen wherever we go.  I love that about him.

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