Thursday, December 12, 2013

Isaac's Letter to Santa

Dear Santa Paws,

I have been a very good doggie all year.  Except for the seven or eight times I chased the deer (but they were not reindeer, I promise I wouldn't chase those), the three or four times I ate the cat's food, and the other day when I rolled in the mud.  I just couldn't resist.  But mostly I have been a good dog.

My mommy has been telling people I want treats, a treat dispensing ball, and some beef bones for Christmas and I would like all those things.  If you are planning to bring them, please do.  But there are some other things I really, really want.  I made you a list.

1.  Cat food.  I know I shouldn't eat the cat's food but it smells so yummy.  It smells and tastes a lot better than my kibble.  So I would really like to have some cat food of my own.

2.  Cat poop.  I know my mommy doesn't like me to eat it but I don't know why.  Like cat food, it smells and tastes yummy.

3.  Cat barf.  It's not quite as good as cat poop but I still like it a lot.

4.  A kitty friend.  The kitty we have does not like me even though I love her and have tried hard to be her friend.  Can I please get another?

5.  McDonald's bags.  Sometimes I find these in the ditch alongside the road on walks and I love them.  They are fun to sniff, to lick, to stick my head into, and to carry home with me.  I especially love the ones with old French fries in the bottom.  White Castle, Taco Bell and Burger King bags are also nice.

6.  Mud in which to roll.  Or poop.  I like rolling in that, too.  If it's not too much trouble, could you bring me some of each? 

7.  Hot dogs.  They are the best food ever.  I need a lot of them.  Pretty please.


Isaac the Service Dog

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