Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Gifts

A couple days ago, I received a package via UPS from a good friend.  She'd told me to expect a package, but I wasn't expecting so much stuff.  There were gifts for me, for Isaac and for Cayenne.

I was cracking up because you know how little kids sometimes have more fun with the box than with the gift in the box?  Well, Isaac was thrilled to death to see the UPS guy.  Of course, Isaac loves everyone, but still... He feels he and the UPS guy have some sort of special bond.  You could ship Isaac an empty box and just seeing the UPS guy would be treat enough for Isaac.

Isaac was, however, also thrilled at the contents of the box, which included a squeaky toy (which I have yet to present to him, but I am sure he will disembowel it quickly to remove the squeaker, but that's how he likes to play with squeaky toys), two rawhide bones and some milk bones.  I showed him the two rawhide bones and he quickly selected the one that I think was beef flavored.  Here he is, devouring it.

Cayenne got some cat treats, which she loved.  Isaac was disappointed when I refused to give him some of Cayenne's treats.  Cayenne was disappointed when I refused to give her more cat treats.  I only gave her a couple at a time because I don't want her to puke on my couch.  She did not seem to appreciate my concerns for the welfare of the sofa, however.

Cayenne also got a couple of kitty toys.  She is not very playful these days, but you know, she didn't play with toys all that much when she was younger.  She has been a bit more active lately, though, so maybe she will play a little bit.

I got some wonderful gifts, as well.  I actually cried a little bit, it was so sweet of her to send me all that stuff.

Later, I had all the wrapping paper and packaging in the box everything came in and it was sitting on the living room floor.  Isaac kept digging through the box and removing the paper and stuff, checking to make sure I hadn't overlooked any treats.  It was cute.

Another friend of mine got me an electric blanket.  I really wanted one and it's something I would have bought for myself if money hadn't been so tight the last couple of months.  Heat is probably the thing that helps my pain the most.  I have a heating pad but it's small.  Sometimes I sit here moving it around, leaving it on one area for ten minutes, then moving it to another area.

I used it a little yesterday and I really like it.  Unfortunately, it has been really hot in my apartment the last two days.  This afternoon, I had my heat off (it's been off for two days) and all the windows open (they have also been open for two days, except I had to close them for a few hours in the middle of the night when it was super windy and raining in) and it was 75 degrees in here.  I actually considered turning on the air conditioning, which seems ridiculous in late December.  It has been warmer than usually that last couple days, but still, who turns on the AC when it's 54 degrees out?  I have no idea why it's so  hot in here, but I would enjoy my electric blanket a lot more if it wasn't so hot.

I discovered something interesting as I was lying under the warm blanket, though.  It reminds me of my grandma.  When I was a kid, I spent a lot of time with my grandparents and my grandmother also had an electric blanket on her bed in the winter.  My blanket is nicer than the one she had, though.  It's much softer, almost velvety. 

Cayenne loves it, whether it's actually turned on or not.  I had a lot talk with her about not peeing or hacking up hairballs on it.

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  1. I'm glad you like your gifts! I'm glad I didn't get you an electric blanket - I thought about it! Cute that the blanket reminds you of your grandmother. I hope the heat is gets fixed soon. That is so strange. Cute photos!