Monday, December 2, 2013

O Christmas Tree

Saturday I put up my Christmas tree.  Well, actually Mike brought the tree over and put it up for me.  I decorated it, though.

I don't really celebrate Christmas.  I am not Christian and now that I am single and estranged from my sister, I don't have family that celebrate it.  I used to join in the celebration with Mike and his family, and with my sister and her family, but that is in the past.  But I decided I wanted a tree.  I like Christmas trees.  I like sitting on the couch at night with the overhead light out, looking at the lighted tree.  So I decided to have one.  Maybe I should call it a solstice tree.

Many of my ornaments are handmade, mostly by me, although I have a couple made by my nephew in past years.  Here are a few of the ones I made.

That's not the greatest picture.  It's a dried orange slice.  I have several of those on my tree.  They are really pretty.  The light shines through them like stained glass.

And here is the whole tree.


  1. Beautiful tree and ornaments! I especially like the cat one! What are they made of? How did you make them? If it's convenient you could consider making these in bulk and selling them online. I bet people would buy them. They're very unique. Tree looks great!

    1. Thanks, Laura! Most of the ornaments, including the cat one, are just fabric circles glued onto cardboard circles. I used scrap material I had around the house. I had a bunch of ideas for other ornaments to make but am really short on cash currently so went with what I had. The cat ornament was made from an old, worn out pillow case.

      The one that is silver and has red mesh on it, that is just a cardboard circle covered with aluminum foil. The red mesh was from a plastic net bag that you get apples in.

      I thought about maybe trying to sell some ornaments. Thanks for the encouragement.

    2. You're welcome! They are very pretty and how creative for you to have made them out of cardboard and pretty patterned felt! I like that they are not breakable since my cats like to bat glass ornaments off the tree. These are pet and kid friendly and unique!