Tuesday, December 31, 2013


I'm trying to make a list of all the commands Isaac knows.  I might be missing a few, but these are what I've got so far.  He knows a lot!

Sit - obviously, means sit down.  Isaac also has a hand signal that means sit.

Down - means lie down.  He also has a hand signal that means lie down.

Stay - obviously, means stay.  He also has a hand signal that means stay.

Wait - means stay there for a minute, like waiting until the elevator door is completely open to exit the elevator.

Come - another obvious one, means come here.

Go under - means go under the table, like at a restaurant.

Load - means get in the car.

Unload - means get out of the car.

OK - releases him to do whatever it is he wants to do, like if he is sitting and waiting for his dinner, OK means now it's all right to eat.  We also play a game where I toss a treat and he waits until I say OK to go get it.

Get meds - get my pouch of meds and bring them to me.  He is also trained to bring me medication when I start showing certain signs of anxiety.

Get phone - means get my phone and bring it to me.

Get it - pick up whatever I am pointing at and give it to me.  Frequently, but not always, he will also pick up something if I drop it without being told.  Also, if he knocks something on the floor, like if he's wagging his tail and it knocks my mouse off the arm of the couch, he will often pick it up and give it to me without being told.  He also knows the names of some of his toys, so if I say "Get the Kong" or "Get the pickle" or "Get the stick bone" he knows what to get.

No bark - means stop barking (unfortunately, he is not yet perfect at this one).

Lights - turn on the lights.

Tug - means tug on the rope, like to open the fridge.  If pointing at my foot, it means take off my sock (tug it off).  We are still working on the sock thing.  Getting the sock without biting my toes is a bit tricky.

Button - means push the button to call the elevator.

Shake - means give me a paw, as in shaking hands.

Fix it - when he gets his leash under his leg, this means lift his leg and step over the leash so he doesn't get tangled up in it.

Get in (while pointing at the bathtub) - means get in the tub.

Get out - means get out of the tub.

It's not time yet - this is what I say when Isaac gets up way too early.  It means I am not taking you outside yet, it's not time to get up.  I say, "It's not time yet" and he goes back to bed.

Leave it - means leave it alone, whatever "it" is.  If he is trying to sniff Cayenne and I say "leave it," it means leave her alone, get away from her.  If we are on a walk and he stops to investigate some sort of food on the ground, "leave it" means don't touch that, keep on walking.

Drop - means drop whatever is in his mouth.

Bring me a toy - means find a toy, any toy, and bring it to me to play.

Find the car - this is supposed to mean lead me to the car.  We haven't worked on it much in a while and he's not real good at it, although the other day he actually did it.  I was impressed.  We should work on it more.

Paws up - means put his paws on my lap.  We are still working on this one.  It will also mean put his paws on someone else's lap if I say it while pointing at someone else.

Off - means get off whatever his is on, as in get off the couch, get off the bed, or get off my lap if he has his paws on my lap.

Heel - means walk right beside me on my left side.

Easy - means slow down when walking.

Quick quick - means walk faster (I have no clue why I always say it twice, but for some reason I do, so that's the command).

Up - when pointing at the toilet, means lift the lid.

Shut it - means shut whatever door I'm pointing at, like the bathroom door or the fridge (we need to work on this one some more).

Uh uh - means don't do it, whatever he's thinking about doing.  For instance, if he's staring at the cat food, it means don't you eat that.

Watch me - means look at me, pay attention.

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