Monday, December 9, 2013

Isaac Really Loves to Work

This is not news to me, of course.  But I've just been realizing lately how much he enjoys working.  I've had some days lately when I have not felt well.  I've been tired, and depressed, and in pain.  I don't do much on those days.  And Isaac gets bored.  He gets restless.  He bugs me, wanting treats, wanting to play, wanting to go outside.  Making sure he gets enough exercise, like going for runs three times a week with the dog walker, helps.  Making sure he has time to socialize with people, like our neighbors when we see them in the lobby of the building, helps, too.  But so does making sure he has work to do.

Lately I've been having Isaac do some tasks even when I don't really need him to do them, just because it seems to make him happy.  For instance, Isaac can open the refrigerator for me.  I don't need him to do that, I am perfectly capable of opening the fridge myself.  But he opens it by tugging on a braided fleece rope attached to the handle, and it's good for him to practice his "tug" command, because I use that command with him for other things, too.  And he likes doing it.  His tail wags and he looks really happy every time he opens the fridge.  So during the day, when I want to get a drink or when I am cooking or putting groceries away, I have Isaac open the fridge for me.

I have been having Isaac turn on lights for the same reason.  He likes it and it's practice for him.  Sometimes I need him to do that task, but even when I could do it myself, I've been having Isaac do it most of the time.

I love it that Isaac loves to work.  Today I did a load of laundry and as he was taking the clothes out of the dryer for me, his tail was wagging so hard.  It kept hitting the washing machine that was behind him.  Thump thump thump, the whole time he was getting the clothes out for me.  He was just so happy to be helping.

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