Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Church Fundraiser Update

I don't think I've posted this update yet.  Isaac's program finally did receive the check from the church that did the fundraiser back in September.  It took nearly three months for them to forward the money.  I'm grateful to everyone that donated and to those that organized and ran the fundraiser.  I think it's a shame that those in charge didn't do their part in a timely manner and that they responded in a kind of rude way when questioned or asked to do what they should have done anyway.  But whatever.  The money finally made it to the right place.  A big thanks to my friend Traci for following up with the church for me.  Without her, I think I'd still be waiting for the money to arrive.


  1. I'm glad your friend Traci helped you out like this and teh church paid up! It is sad that the church people were rude about it. They should have been straightforward and patient and polite. I'm glad the fund raiser was a success in getting the funds.

    1. Yeah. They outright lied and said they'd mailed the check when they hadn't, then lied and said the reason they hadn't mailed it was because I'd never given them the address when of course I had (and if they had lost it, they could have simply called and asked me for it or looked it up online). It's sad for church people to act that way.