Friday, December 20, 2013

Got a Christmas Card from My Nephew Today

I sent Christmas cards to all four of my nephews.   I did last year, too.  I didn't expect to get cards from them, because they are kids and they are boys.  Well, I guess two of them aren't technically kids anymore, one is a Marine and the other has finished high school, but they are still like teenagers.  I don't expect them to send me Christmas cards.  But I send cards to them.

My youngest  nephew, I think he's in second grade now, loves to get mail.  I used to send him coloring pages and stuff a lot.  I was sure he would like to get a card, and I'm not sure if the older boys care about getting cards or not, but I wasn't going to send one kid a card and not send cards to the others.  So they all got cards.

I guess the other reason I didn't really expect to get cards back is because I didn't expect to get cards from my mother or sister (and I didn't), so I didn't expect my sister to encourage the boys to send me cards.

But I got one today from my youngest nephew.  My sister addressed the envelope for him.  I think sending me a card was probably his idea, not hers.  He wrote the message inside the card himself.  I don't think he even asked for help with spelling words, because there were a couple of things misspelled.

He said, "Dear Aunt Kelly, I miss you very much. I got the letter you sent me in the mail.  Sincerely," and his name.

I cried.

Isaac looked concerned and came over for a hug.  Then he looked around, spotted his Nylabone toy that looks like a stick, and happily pounced on it.  Yes, sometimes Isaac pounces on toys.  Much like a cat.  Only much bigger.  It's cute.  He brought me the toy.  He often thinks a toy of some sort will cheer me up.  He's usually right.

Two years ago, I got to spend Christmas at my sister's.  It was so much fun being with my little nephew then.  He had some "reindeer food" to sprinkle outside in the yard for Santa's reindeer.  It was really oatmeal with a little glitter mixed it.  I took him outside to sprinkle the reindeer food.  Christmas is just magical for little kids.  I liked being there for that.

This year I will be spending Christmas alone, with Isaac and Cayenne.

My nephew's card made me cry.


  1. How adorable! You sound like a great aunt. I bet he does miss you. The reindeer food sounds like fun. Christmas is a magical time of year for kids and what i love about kids is their excitement, enthusiasm and emotional authenticity. Your nephew sounds very sweet. You made quite an impression on him for him to remember you in this way! Awesome. And cute that Isaac wanted to perk you up. What a buddy!

    I'm sorry that you are spending Christmas alone with Isaac and Cayenne. You would have fun with your nephews I bet. I wish things were different with your family. I am pretty much estranged from mine too. I read somewhere that sometimes "family" isn't limited to blood relatives but includes unrelated people who treat us well. I hope by next Christmas you have loving kind people to spend holidays with in your community.

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