Monday, August 5, 2013

Fever Last Night

Last night I was feeling really feverish so I decided to take my temperature.  It was 102.6.  This probably sounds really weird, but in a way I was glad, or relieved, I had a high fever.  It was proof I was sick.  That it wasn't all in my head.

However, I am also glad, or relieved, that my temperature is down to 99.5 this morning.  I feel much better.  Still sick, my throat is still sore, and I'm exhausted because I slept very little last night because I just couldn't get comfortable.  But much better than yesterday.

Poor Isaac got very little exercise yesterday.  I didn't feel well enough to go for any walks.  I just took him out long enough to pee, walked around the parking lot a little, and came back in.  This morning his running buddy came and Isaac was just bursting with energy.  He was good yesterday, just slept a lot, but he was sure happy to get to go for a run this morning.

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