Friday, August 9, 2013

I Think You Must Be Really Lonely

Today Isaac's friend K came over to visit him.  I talked to her mom the other day to make sure it was OK for her to come inside, so she got to come in and play with Isaac with his toys.  She said, "You weren't kidding when you said he had a lot of toys!"  He probably has more toys than she does.  Spoiled doggie.

It was an interesting visit.  She is a really smart, articulate, engaging nine-year-old.  She looked around my apartment and said, "I think you like kitties a lot."  I guess the cat curtains in the living room and the drawings of my cats done by a friend of mine gives it away, huh?  But it was pretty perceptive for a nine-year-old, I thought.  She also told me I have "a lot of cool stuff."  I really don't have a lot of stuff, but she liked some of the decorative boxes I have on the living room bookshelf.

Then she said, "I think you must be really lonely here."  I was surprised she said that and asked her why she thought so.  She said, "Because you are all by yourself here in this apartment."

I said, "Well, Isaac is pretty good company." 

She looked doubtful and said, "Maybe you need someone to live with you."

I said, "Isaac lives with me and he is pretty good company.  And after tomorrow, my kitty Cayenne will live with me, too."  She still looked skeptical.  I don't know what I make of that.

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