Saturday, May 17, 2014

Adventures at the No Pets Hotel

I mentioned how yesterday when I was checking in, the woman at the desk was worried that I had a dog with me.  Well, I thought her manager took care of the matter, but apparently only with regard to that one employee.

Later in the evening, I took Isaac out to pee, and on our way back in, I stopped at the front desk to ask for some soap because there was none in my room.  The housekeeping in this hotel certainly leaves something to be desired.  Well, the employee at the desk looked shocked to see Isaac and asked if they didn't tell me pets were not allowed when I checked in. 

I said, "Yes, but he is a service dog so he is allowed."

The employee looked doubtful and said, "I don't know about that."

I said, "Well, I know about it and he is a service dog and service dogs are allowed."

The employee still looked doubtful, but he gave me some soap and didn't say anything more.

Now, Isaac did not have his service dog vest on at that time because I didn't want him to wear it while we took a walk and it seemed like a pain in the butt to put it on just to walk through the hotel to get outside and legally, service dogs are not required to wear any kind of special vests.  So I know it may not have been apparent that he was a service dog.  So I can understand that the employee might have asked about him.  But these employees need to know that service dogs are allowed.

Then this morning, on our way back in from our  morning pee, yet another employee stopped me to ask, "Is that a service dog?"  At least he had the right question.  I said yes and the employee explained that he needed to ask because they only allow service dogs.  So at least he knows they allow them.

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