Sunday, May 18, 2014

Adventures in Detroit with a Doggie

Saturday afternoon, we decided to go into Detroit and walk around.  Being the weekend, there wasn’t a whole lot of traffic and not a ton of people.  Downtown areas tend to be that way on weekends, I think.  It was like that in Cincinnati when I lived downtown.

Isaac loved walking around.  I was so proud of him.  This was his first experience in an urban environment, as far as I know.  Maybe he did some training in a city before I got him, I don’t know.  But I’ve never taken him into a city like that before.  He did great, though.  We passed a few people with dogs, one of which barked at Isaac, but he didn’t bark at any of them.  

He peed on just about every tree we came to. 

He sniffed many garbage cans and lampposts on the sidewalk but did not try to pee on any of them.  There was this area set up like a little beach with sand and beach chairs and stuff and we walked through the sand and he did not attempt to dig in it or pee in it.

We stopped at this hotdog place to use the bathroom and I bought Isaac a grilled hotdog.  I just wanted to get him something special and honestly, I can’t think of anything more special to Isaac.  I asked for a plain hotdog without a bun and assured the woman at the register that Isaac would be eating it outside.   She asked if he was a Seeing Eye Dog and I said he was a service dog.  A man standing in line behind me asked if he was a rookie, which I assume meant was he in training, and I said no.  

Well, by the time we got the hotdog, everyone was interested in watching Isaac eat it, so there was a whole crowd at the door as I knelt on the sidewalk outside and broke it into four pieces for Isaac.  He had to wait about a minute for it to cool off because it was too hot for him, then he wolfed it down.  I’m pretty sure he would have gone for seconds if I’d offered it.

After walking around for 90 minutes or so, we went to a restaurant for a late lunch.  Isaac was apparently all worn out.  I got a seat in a corner where he had room to lie down beside me, not really under the table, and he passed out.  I had to wake him up when lunch was over and he was rather reluctant to get up then.

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