Friday, May 16, 2014

On the Road with Isaac

Isaac and I arrived at our hotel, a Days Inn, and the first thing I noticed as we entered the lobby was a large "NO PETS" sign on the front door.  Which is fine, because Isaac is a service dog, and service dogs aren't considered pets.  No pets policies don't apply to service dogs.

The young woman at the front desk looked rather distraught when she caught site of Isaac, though.  "Are you planning to take the dog to the room?" she asked me.  Um, yeah.  Where else would I take him?

Before I could respond, though, the manager, who was standing nearby, spoke up and told her, "That is a service dog.  We must allow it."  She didn't say anything else, though she still looked upset.

Isaac, mind you, was wearing his service dog vest, heeling nicely beside me, quiet and professional-looking.

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