Thursday, May 15, 2014

Going out of Town for Two Days with a Dog

Isaac and I are going out of town for two days.  I'm thrilled.  I haven't gotten to go anywhere in a long time. 

I have a friend that lives in a neighboring state and we have a mutual friend from further away who is visiting the friend in the neighboring state, and then another acquaintance from a ways away will also be coming, and it's just going to be a fun get together.  I'm told that Saturday night we are going to Drag Queen Bingo.

What's Drag Queen Bingo, you ask?  That's what I asked.  I was told, "It's just what you're thinking it is."  Sounds fun, right?  I mean, drag queens and bingo do seem like a slightly odd combination, but how could it be anything but fun?  Actually, anything with drag queens has to be fun.

We don't have drag queens in the little town where I live.  We probably have bingo.  Maybe at the senior citizen's center or at the Methodist Church.  Do Methodists play bingo?  Or maybe the Lutherans?  Around here, we mostly have Methodists, Lutherans, Mennonites and Amish, and I am pretty sure the Mennonites and Amish don't play bingo.  They don't have drag queens, either.

So anyway.  I am packing.  Or trying to pack.  Isaac practically needs his own suitcase.  Since I only own one suitcase, he must make due with a tote bag.  I've packed food (enough for each meal he'll be eating while we'll away plus one extra, just in case), some treats, a beef bone, a pork skin chew, Mr. Pickle (which I discovered under the sheets in my bed today; I don't think Isaac's seen it in a couple days so he will be pleasantly surprised when I pull it out at the hotel), a Kong, one of Isaac's blankies (to remind him of home and to, hopefully, keep some hair off the hotel room bed), food and water bowls, a bunch of plastic poop bags, an extra collar and leash, and tweezers (because I have yet to buy him a tick collar and I must be prepared to pluck off the little buggers and I do not wish to try to do it with my fingers).

Hopefully it's a good trip.  I felt rather like the Universe was conspiring to prevent me from going.

Yesterday and the day before, I was sick to my stomach.  I don't know why.  Today I've felt better, although I've been eating pretty lightly.

Isaac has had a gunky left eye for the last two days.  He gets gunk in his eyes most mornings, which I call "eye boogers."  Cayenne gets them, too, sometimes.  Neither of them appreciate me for cleaning the boogers out of their eyes, ungrateful little brats.  But for the last two days, Isaac has had lots of eye boogers in his left eye.  Maybe it's allergies.  He doesn't seem to be feeling poorly at all.  If it's still all gunky on Monday, when Cayenne goes to the vet to get her staples out, I'll see if the vet can look at Isaac's eye at the same time.  I'm gonna try giving him some Benadryl, too, to see if that might help.

Cayenne is doing really well, but I was still hesitant to leave her.  It's been almost two weeks since her surgery and two years ago, when she got really really sick after surgery, if happened at about the two week point.  But I decided I'd arrange for someone to stop in to check on her and feed her and administer her meds on Saturday and I'd come home early if there was any problem.  Then the person that was supposed to check on her for me flaked out on me, so I thought maybe I wasn't going to be able to go.  But Mike agreed to drive all the way over here to do it.  Bless him.

So Isaac and I are going.

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