Sunday, May 18, 2014

Rough Morning – for Me and Isaac

Saturday started out not-so-great.  I didn’t sleep well Friday night.  I was feeling homesick, I guess.  I dunno.  I felt kind of anxious, I didn’t really like my hotel room, I was missing Cayenne and was a little worried about her being alone.  I was feeling worried about how Isaac would do the next day, when we had a busy day scheduled with friends.  Maybe I was worried about how I would do, too.   

My bed in the hotel room was really uncomfortable and I woke up about 2:00 am with horrendous pain in both hips.  I got up and moved around a little, and then I took a Tramadol (one of the few I have left), and then I was able to go back to sleep.  And when I got up at 7:00 am, I felt much better.

But then I wanted to have a protein shake for breakfast.  Friday night I bought two little bottles of milk at Subway when I picked up dinner and put them in the mini-fridge in my room.  When I got them out Saturday morning, I discovered the milk was frozen solid.  Apparently the temp in my fridge is way too cold.  So no protein shake.

I ate a protein bar instead and then Isaac and I headed off to Panera.  My plan was to hang out there, where the internet moves faster than a snail, until my friend called with an update on our plans for the day.  

At Panera, I ordered a large green tea.  My hands were full with my purse, my laptop, Isaac’s leash and my tea when my phone rang.  As I pulled the phone out of my pocket, I managed to dump the large iced tea on poor Isaac’s head.  Isaac, understandably, was shocked.  And offended.  He did not enjoy his impromptu shower one bit.

I was embarrassed.  I grabbed several handfuls of napkins and tried to dry off my service dog, who wanted to shake himself the way dogs do when they are wet, which I did  not want him to do because we were in a crowded restaurant.  I finally got things cleaned up as much as possible, apologized to Isaac about a million times, and hightailed it out of Panera.  

From the car, I called my friend back.  She said she and our other friend were hungry and wanted caffeine and would come meet me and Isaac at Panera.  I decided to wait out on the patio, in the hopes that most of the people that saw me spill my large green tea on my dog would be gone by the time my friends arrive and I went back inside.

We ended up all sitting out on the patio with our coffees, which Isaac enjoyed a lot.  He was good, relaxing in the sunshine and fresh air for quite a while.  He finally started getting restless and I took him for a short walk around the parking lot.

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