Friday, May 23, 2014

I'm So Sorry

Today someone asked me why I have a service dog. I said, "He helps me with my disability," which is my standard non-answer. I mean, it's a truthful answer but it doesn't provide details about personal medical issues that I may not feel like sharing with random strangers in a store when I am just trying to run in to pick up some milk.

The stranger said, "Oh. I'm so sorry." Which left me a little confused.

I guess he meant that he was sorry to hear I am disabled. But why else would I have a service dog? I mean, people without disabilities don't need service dogs and aren't allowed to take dogs into the grocery store.

Surely he didn't mean he was sorry my dog helps me with my disability.

But it seemed a rather odd thing to say.  I think I might start asking people what they mean when they ask or say strange things.  Usually I don't, partly because I am caught off guard, although it happens so often, I probably shouldn't be caught off guard by it anymore.  And partly I don't because it generally happens when I am busy doing things, like trying to run into a store to pick up some milk, and I really just want to get on with my business.  But I might start asking.

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