Monday, May 5, 2014

Kitty's Home from Surgery

Here is a very groggy kitty just home from the vet.

Her surgery went OK but took longer than expected and the incision ended up being longer than the vet thought it would be, which doesn't really surprise me since that second area of skin broke down in the last couple days. They had to leave a little space un-sutured (is that a word?) so the incision could drain. I guess if it was a human, they'd put in a drain, but I can't imagine how you'd keep a cat from pulling out a drain. It's hard enough to keep them from pulling out their sutures. She whimpered a little on the ride home, I'm sure her belly is sore. I put her on the couch and she took about two steps and then lay down. I tried to give her some water but she didn't want any yet. Isaac is disappointed that he has not been allowed to sniff her thoroughly, but she definitely does not want to be bothered.

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