Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Update on the Kitty Cat

Cayenne seems to be feeling much better today. 

I slept on the couch last night, and she was sleeping on the couch when I feel asleep, but she woke me up at 3:30 am, jumping up onto the couch.  Apparently she'd gotten down to pee on the floor.  Which I assume means she was feeling better if she felt like jumping up and down.  Or at least felt well enough to do it.

I got up then and offered her some turkey baby food.  She ate maybe half a teaspoon.  She also drank a good amount of water.

Since then she's been sitting in the window.  Well, except for just a little while ago, she came over onto the couch for about two minutes to get petted a little.  She's just hanging out in the window much like she normally does.  If I go over to her, she stands up and turns around in circles so I can pet her on all sides.

I've been offering her small amounts of food frequently.  She hasn't eaten more than a teaspoon at a time but she's probably had a couple tablespoons altogether.  She also wanted a hotdog when Isaac was getting one.  I gave her three little tiny pieces and she only ate one of them, but she seemed to enjoy it a lot.  She purred very loudly while she ate it.  Then later when I was getting Isaac a treat, she wanted a treat, too.  So I gave her a kitty treat and she happily ate that.

My new couch is supposed to be delivered today (finally!), so I pulled the old one out fro the wall to vacuum behind it before the new one gets here.  Cayenne normally does not like the vacuum cleaner at all.  Usually when I vacuum the living room she hides behind the couch, but since I'd moved the couch, I thought maybe she'd go into the bedroom to get around from the vacuum cleaner.  Instead she stayed in the window, hiding behind the curtain.  Apparently she didn't feel well enough to make a run for the bedroom to hide.

I think she's doing OK, though.  I'm so relieved.

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