Thursday, May 15, 2014

Update on the Pretty Kitty

The pretty kitty seems to be feeling quite good.

She has found a new favorite place to hang out.  One of my dining room chairs.  I dunno why.

She has been quite active lately, for her.  I mean, it's all relative.  If Isaac's activity level dropped to Cayenne's current activity level, I would rush him to the vet.  But she has taken to going for little strolls around the apartment a couple times a day, which is most unlike her. 

In the past, whenever Isaac saw her walking anywhere except across the couch, he would rush over to her, all excited, because he almost never saw her moving anywhere.  He probably thought she was attached to the couch.  Now, he's getting used to it.  It doesn't excite him anymore.  Which is nice because Cayenne doesn't like it when he rushes over to her.  Now he just watches her, mostly.

Last night I noticed she seems to have pulled out one of her staples and another is barely attached.  Bad kitty.  But they've been in about 10 days now so I think it's OK if they come out.  I'd just rather she waited until Monday to let the vet do it.  I'm thinking it must hurt for her to pull them out.  But it's probably a good thing she hasn't pulled more of them out so far.

She is eating well and peeing a lot and moving around and seems to be feeling fine, so I'm happy.

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